March Madness is Over

Blog Post 7-March Madness is Over

Like the past month studio V could feel the March madness. The build have continued to move along and the drawings are on the way to the building permit office. March was the start of spring and some warmer weekends. The schedule of the build started to fall on weekends, the kitchen started to take shape. Madness is a perfect adjective of the recent feelings in the studio, with roof trustee and decking wood are jockeying to get to the shop first. When the build gets further and further intense the level of construction skills take long to grasp. College basketball season has come to the end of the season. The NCAA tournament was in full swing with many surprise upsets and unexpected wins. Studio V is in a similar situation and will carry a tougher attitude going into April.

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While Studio V does feel the stress of the build and a shrinking time schedule, the students and professor have found some fun. Like many groups Studio V was able to create a March Madness bracket pool. The bracket pool was a good stress release for the professor and students. Most of the brackets were busted after the first weekend so everyone shared the misery. As the final four of the NCAA Tournament start the coming weekend, Professor Pastre has been able to match two of the final four teams. The professor always knows best and from construction techniques to picking a bracket Professor Pastre has been the backbone to the project. Studio V from the student stand point is very thankful to have such a construction based professor. April is the last month of the semester and the last couple of week to complete the project. If the Studio wants to get the Win like most teams we have to stay focused and play the best game in the closing minutes.

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