Rain, Shine, …. or SNOW

Blog Post 2-Rain, Shine, and SNOW

Being in Studio V there is no off day. In Studio V our schedule has been planned to make every deadline and focus on finishing our project on time.  Before this winter storm all of our individual designs were moving ahead just as planned. We still have a scheduled review this Wednesday, all of the clients and future clients of the commercial kitchen are welcome. The individual design brings forward great design ideas from all seven unique designers. For example, while my design shares some common construction methods, the space design focuses on the circulation on the site and within the kitchen. From the review each design has a specific focus and study, which will develop the final design.

Feedback is still key when it comes to keeping our designs of the kitchen to be effective for each small farming community. Each design brings an affordable building technique which is programed to be repeated. I look forward to the review on Wednesday and to start the next step in the design process. The weather won’t hinder the progress of the design. However, we will design the commercial kitchen to take on any weather for future winters to come.

Image Cited: http://www.brecorder.com/images/pic2012/12/blizzard.jpg

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