The Rube Goldberg Design Process

This Sunday, our studio met for a few hours in the afternoon just to see what everyone had got done and worked on since Friday. Professor Pastre was there to meet with us and got around to talk to all of us to give us inspiration and check to make sure we were all still headed in the right direction. Professor Pastre was talking about the design process in general, and related it to a Rube Goldberg machine, which I thought was a great analogy. I know I’ve experienced what he was talking about. When designers run into problems, they are likely to add something to their design in order to solve it. This solution may also cause another problem to arise, which in turn requires another solution, so that at the end the design may end up looking like a Rube Goldberg machine!

We’ve all made a lot of progress in our individual designs. Being a studying landscape architect, its a really neat, new, and fresh perspective to be working on the other side of the walls. I look forward to seeing everyone’s individual designs on Wednesday, when we will all present.


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