Find the dots, then connect

The studio is busy pushing ahead with individual designs. This portion of the project is great because it allows everyone to explore different aspects of the kitchen’s design, which gives us a large amount of content and direction to discuss as a group. I really enjoy the design phase of projects. There are things you discover while researching, sketching, or talking with someone that you would never have thought of before. More often than not, these discoveries become the driving force behind a design.

I have discovered many things during these past few days and continue to do so as I develop ideas. From passive solar heating and natural ventilation systems to the methodology of constructing fast-assembly storage containers, I never thought I could learn so much about different construction and building techniques in such a short amount of time. The real challenge now is to determine which of these things can apply to our project that make it practical and feasible to construct in a narrow timeframe. As the group starts to come back together next week we’ll have more definitive answers, but for now the search continues.

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