Demo Day!

Blog Post 4- Demo Day

This Saturday was the first day Studio V got to see the steel chassis; we plan on using as our foundation for the commercial kitchen design. The idea of building on a manufactured mobile home chassis is the affordability, availability, and mobility of a prototype design. When we got the news about two weeks ago, that we found an unused chassis the studio was excited and ready to see our design come to life. On Saturday the studio took a road trip up to Summerville to have first-hand inspections of the chassis. As we were told before we arrived on Saturday the mobile chassis still had some remains of the home that once sat on it. This is where the fun part came into action, we as a studio had to get our hands dirty for the first time in the semester and did some demolition work on the chassis.

 On first glance the chassis was in a very weathered condition and would need some work to be done to it. The remains of the former home were almost completely gone; all that still remained on the chassis was some of the flooring and   the base wood framing. Like most renovation jobs there is always a demo starting point. We got started by taking apart the remains of the home leaving only the steel frame. Most of the remaining old wood frame was easy to pry it from the bolts on the steel frame, because of the amount of rooting. We started on the tongue-end of the chassis and in an hour we were half way down the length of the chassis. The only limit we had was the amount of dumpster space, which we surprisingly filled up faster than we expected. Unfortunately we could not finish the demolition in one day like we wanted, but we have planned to finish up demo after our next review on Wednesday. The whole studio looks forward to getting back out there and having another chance to have an outlet to release any frustration the design process has put the studio under.

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