Simple Is Always Best

Blog Post 3-Simple Is Always Best

After the first design review the challenge to join many designs into one design started. At the beginning, In our small group design we had to critique all of our individual program of the kitchen and to form a shared beneficial program. The kitchen design started to build from the walls up. While starting to design the kitchen working in a group allows for many different ideas to create a high design. However, after Monday the groups got a reality check from Professor Pastre and had to refine the idea of a difficult build. The groups all had to answer the major question of the commercial kitchen in a way that can be a prototype and not just a single unique design. This can to think why try to design the whole kitchen but a kitchen made up of many interchangeable detail.

From the last design review the studio go some great news that the kitchen will in fact be built on a mobile home chassis. Changing the mobile home single linear model can be addressed when we research The Porch House at Lake Flato and the little changes in the details. The groups have started to design simple building shapes but unique details. For the next review both groups will have in-depth research how to build a simple shape building but a high detailed piece of architecture.

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