Research is to see what everybody else has seen…

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…  and to think what nobody else has thought. –Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The team is right in the middle of our research on commercial kitchens, and we’ve discovered all kinds of ideas that others have had, and are beginning to develop many of our own. We must fight the urge to jump ahead though, and continue to turn over every stone and follow every lead that our research presents. Even when our research presents us with constraints (such as DHEC regulations that a commercial kitchen must conform to) it is exciting to think of the multitude of ways to overcome and meet those constraints. We must see what everybody else has seen, then we begin to think.

To think that this time last week, we had very little idea of the magnitude of elements that go into a commercial kitchen. Even after this first stage of research, I know we will continue to find out many things from experts and professionals we meet along the way. I know the team is looking forward to the review on Friday in order to present our research thus far to the experts, and to draw from their knowledge as well. Then we can really get into “thinking what nobody else has thought”! That’s what I find so exciting about being a student designer, and can’t wait for the next step of developing concepts of our own!


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