It has been a busy week for the Community Build studio here at the Cigar Factory! We are working tirelessly to provide various concepts for our presentation next Monday at Frierson Elementary. After our studio wide check-in last Monday, my team and I working on the small group design discussed further the elements and ideas we wanted to keep exploring. We settled on a few topics; Line of Sight, Rhythm, and Geometry.

Ginga Pavilion by Giovanna Taques + Guilherme Schmitt + Victor Escorsin + João Vitor Sarturi


We have spent some time looking up precedents or examples of things we are interested in providing for the garden structure. Line of sight is really important to our group to connect the new structure at the garden to the schoolhouse. We believe that this garden structure has the opportunity to provide the students with a comfortable,  interactive space that they can easily navigate. The location of this structure creates a connection to the large field and the adjacent play area where they currently use the space for learning and physical activities.

Student Design Proposal by A+CB studio

We hope to keep the building modular or repetitive in the sense that the concept can be simple but the details and movements will be intricate. We have explored the idea of different structure systems with various types of roofs. We even went as far as to look for methods of construction that this studio has never done before. What we have landed on is a clear idea that we want the building to be interactive. Rhythm in the structure, like beams and columns, provides a visual for the kids in a context they can start to understand. The teachers can use the building as another method of learning, where the kids can count how many columns hold the building up, or they can count how many squares or rectangles the structure begins to create. Geometry will play a big role in the final design and we are hoping to explore those influences early on.

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