Laying Out our Layout

As we get into the design side, sometimes we can get stuck in the middle of the design and not see the bigger picture. We can get caught up in how the building looks and not how it functions. When this happens, the best thing for a group to do is to step back and re-examine our design. For my group, that meant going back to square one, brainstorming.

Unlike brainstorming earlier in the week, where we thought about what we wanted the form to look like, this brainstorming session centered around what was needed for a pavilion to accommodate teaching in large groups and learning individually. The pavilion also requires storage and a workspace for cleaning vegetables. We are fortunate to have models of previous garden pavilions to inspire us. They up us visualize how our layout may work. This, partnered with precedent studies, really helped us understand the layout and flow of our pavilion.

After our brainstorming discussion, we switched to drawing out exactly how the pavilion needed to be laid out. This is a group effort; we discuss size, height, seating numbers, counter space area, storage, sunlight, wind, rainwater. These things drive design; they need to be thought about simultaneously while drawing out a plan. If it seems like a lot, it is. That’s why design is better done as a team. The team effort is important for ensuring we aren’t neglecting one aspect of design. The team also keeps our design in check. Brainstorming a layout is hard work, but seeing our design become something buildable is worth it!

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