Got Sketches?

I may be biased, but one of the best parts of any design work is the sketching. Especially on trace paper. There is something amazing about layering sketch upon sketch to diagram out a space or a sectional idea until it morphs into a realized design.

Most groups have been using this technique as a crutch this week as we are in the heart of small group design. It is a very quick way to get a bunch of ideas on a page and work collaboratively to solidify a concept.

I walked around studio to see what everyone was sketching over the course of this week, and found some great ideas.

This is one of Nick’s sketches. He is doing an exploration in plan and section of his group’s design, specifically looking at how the wall can begin to open up in certain places.

This is one of Krissy’s sketches, looking at how her group’s design lays out in plan. She is thinking that seating can act in blocks and shift in and out from the boundaries of the structure to create a varied and interesting space for students to work within.

Here is a collection of some of Nicole’s sketches. She is interested in exploring how her structure works to incorporate seating and how the lofted tree elements can be raised up off of the ground to ensure enough usable space beneath.

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