Doing More than Before

As we reflect on this past semester, we grappled with the disappointment of not being able to build this semester officially. We each had signed up for this class with the full expectations that no matter what, we would be able to see a built structure on a site in Charleston County. And while this [...]

Progress from Setbacks

A great architect once told me that design is never finished, you must simply decide at what point do you move on. This is something that every architect struggles with, and we are no different. This week we struggled a lot with finalizing a design, iterations brought new and exciting ideas but also created more [...]

Laying Out our Layout

As we get into the design side, sometimes we can get stuck in the middle of the design and not see the bigger picture. We can get caught up in how the building looks and not how it functions. When this happens, the best thing for a group to do is to step back and [...]

Eek! A Mouse!!!

As our team was washing and re-painting the shelter at Medway Park, we discovered several creatures had used the shelter as a home. We discovered bees, birds, mice, and even a few lizards living in the shelter. It had us wondering about architecture and the environment. It's clear what we make isn't just used by [...]