Progress from Setbacks

A great architect once told me that design is never finished, you must simply decide at what point do you move on. This is something that every architect struggles with, and we are no different. This week we struggled a lot with finalizing a design, iterations brought new and exciting ideas but also created more questions. Sometimes we would feel we were almost done, just to start back over again. Other times, it was hard to know where to start.

Design is a puzzle, taking a step back led to a solution that we would not have found without the setback. Ultimately, this led to a delay in our final proposal. And that’s ok. We want to ensure that Edith L. Frierson Elementary school had a design that fits their needs. Sometimes that means that we take a little more time to truly create the best solution we possibly can. We are confident in our process, and we cannot wait to show the school what we have made for them.

Architecture Tip of the Day: a good nap goes a long way 🙂

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