The Studio that Never Sleeps

After a long week of finalizing our design it seemed that no one would ever come to a concrete decision that would be universally agreed upon. When that finally happened, it was well within the “final hour” to finish deliverables for our presentation to Frierson Elementary today. We all met up and acted as a taskforce to efficiently and accurately generate all of the relevant diagrams, drawings and model of the final design.

Coming off of the small group design phase, we were used to the discourse among a small group and being able to quickly come up with an agreed upon direction for the design. This was not the case in a group of 13 people, who all have their own unique design preferences. Dozens upon dozens of iterations were considered and tested against each other until a final culmination met all of the goals programmatically for the space and was sited correctly. The other decisions fell into place once we developed this scheme. 

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