Doing More than Before

As we reflect on this past semester, we grappled with the disappointment of not being able to build this semester officially. We each had signed up for this class with the full expectations that no matter what, we would be able to see a built structure on a site in Charleston County. And while this didn’t happen this semester, we all agreed that we wouldn’t change the outcome of this semester.

This pavilion is designed for Edith L. Frierson Elementary. They are a low-income school that hasn’t had a lot of funding since its founding. This pavilion’s original intent was to be a vegetable processing shelter.  However, we recognized a need for the students to have a dedicated outdoor classroom space, individual learning space, and memorial garden. Simply adding these programs and others to the design caused the building to take on a whole new function. We grew its square footage and complexity to the scope of a project.

As a team, we felt that we had made the right decision. We feel that we are doing what’s best for the children at Frierson Elementary by giving them the tools needed for success. These kids were so bright. They deserve the best we have to offer. I would not have changed any piece of this project. This is why we are doing more than before.


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