To be Continued…

With Community Build coming to a close as the spring semester has come to an end here at the Clemson Design Center Charleston. We held our final review last Thursday. Unlike past projects, this final was not at a finished structures as we intended. Instead, we extended our previous mock-up of our trellis and presented it to out partners.

We presented our project where it stands to date, explaining everything that we’ve learned this semester. Even though we were not able to gain the intended knowledge of the build. This entire semester has taught us that just like in the profession, there will be unseen circumstances and issues that can postpone a projects deadline and even prevent it from being built. No matter what it may be we’ve learned to push ourselves as if we were still on schedule and we were planning on building tomorrow.
With several of us returning next semester, there will be several things that we will continue to work on over the summer.  Whether it be revising and resubmitting construction documents, improving our shop drawings, and wrapping up some painting and steel work, we plan to hit the ground running the first day of the fall semester! So stay tuned to watch the largest project to come through community build to completion!

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