Ya live and ya learn

As we’ve been posting on here the past few weeks, we’ve been reflecting on how this semester’s project went and where we would like to see changes. One of the things that came up in our final review was the idea of our trellis mock-up being a sort of prototype for the larger project–an idea introduced by none other than the School of Architecture’s Director Jim Stevens. He only happened to stop by our review but it turned out to be a fortuitous meeting as his prototype idea led to a larger discussion of how we might structure the community build studio in the future. This semester’s project is the most complex design the program has attempted and we found that just building the mock-up for our final was a feat alone and gave us a lot of insight into what worked in our design and what needed work. I personally am thankful that we were given the chance to step back, pause, and build the mock-up before breaking ground on the real thing. Maybe this is an example of how we could model the studio going forward: a prototype construction the first semester with the building of the full design the second semester. Especially with a design as ambitious as this one, one semester to research, design, draw, and build is simply not enough time. This semester was a great opportunity to test our limits and now that we know what our limits are, we can start to work around those in the future. I’m excited to continue this project next semester with the rest of the returning crew and get this bad boy built!

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