The fusion

Again, we separated into two groups to explore the maximum possibilities of roofs structures and materials, using strategies before we put everything together as one final design. But actually, the fundamental design decisions of plans and spaces that the two groups have made are logically similar. The reason are mainly because of the research that have been done, the natural limitations of circulation choices, and the modular approaches we are aiming to. In other words, the design already started to pull itself together.

So in these circumstances, the general direction of future design is locked in a range. Henceforth, we believe all of us are now feeling confident to point out specific roof and structure types in this range, and being reasonable and practical. The reasons that we still need to experiment are two dimensional. On one dimension,  we need central ideas here to make our design architectural, simple, and unique, the unity. On another dimension, we still need to consider using the very potential and beneficial fabrication method which is CNC prefabricated to craft building units. One of our two groups have an idea that using a unique CNC piece as the key to work with most joints. In this way we can allow structure varieties as long as they are using the same assembly methods.

Today, the two groups are going to combine our ideas together to form our final direction. And we will go from there.

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