Charrette Sketches

We stand at a group at a crucial point in the design process, as we cannot loose steam under a strict project timeline.  The team is now working together to focus on combining strong concepts from the previous partner design proposals presented last week. The group has taken the task of narrowing down a design direction and has begun to develop ideas in a collaborative manner, including two weekend design charrettes.   In these charrettes, individuals could quickly sketch their individual interpretation of the solution to the design problem at hand, (i.e. programming layout, massing, circulation, etc.) with a time frame of ten to thirty minutes. The limited time was followed with a pin up and discussion, allowing for the group to explore multiple variations quickly. This strategy also led to the discovery of many overlapping motifs between the group, making the decision making process a little smoother. As we have begun to hone in on our concepts and are looking towards finer points of detailing, the group has merge back into groups, first groups of three and now groups of 6, growing as a final proposal grows near. The process we are currently partaking in is setting up for a finalized group proposal for Friday.


Charrette Pin Up

In order to achieve a more refined proposal for Friday’s deadline, the group must continue to work together to produce a developed idea.  The multitude of iteration that the team has and continues to roll through could only have been done with the group working together in a cohesive manner. Overall organizational concepts have been agreed upon, but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. We are currently investigating two similar versions, with the development of details in the works. With everyone striving to reach a successful end product, the team will continue to work together to push toward a final design.

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