The Dog Days Are Over

Well guys and girls it wasn’t an extremely busy past few days since our review at the park but I feel like we have gotten a good bit accomplished. Sunday madison finished up the electrical work in the garbage bay we will be building our design in for the next 4 weeks before we have to take it apart and reinstall it in the Halsey gallery so now we are ready to go as far as our work space is concerned. We got the welder and metal bandsaw fixed well almost we have one more part to order for the band saw but that should cause us to many problems because we don’t quit need it yet. On Wednesday Minji, Leron, chris, Pastre and I will be getting our first lesson on welding which should be pretty interesting, can’t wait to start getting our hands dirty and building this thing. We should have all of our structural changes back from John More back early this week so we can get together a cultist. We are still flushing out some detail work mail concerning the Guard rail and hand rail systems including how it all comes together where it meets the platform. This has actually proven to be one of the most complicated problems we have been facing. However a few of us me Sunday afternoon and flushed out what wee feel are some pretty good decisions that could quite possibly be final which would be nice considering we have to start getting this thing together. However luckily the structure has to be built first so as soon as we get the changes back from john more we should be able to get started building. I would have never guessed how much thought and detail would have to go into something like this and i wouldn’t have expected the hand rail to have the majority of our time and thought but it seems to be heading that direction. The reason for such attention to detail is because we want this design to be portrayed as not student work but as professional work and i feel that we are starting to get to that point. This is the one beautiful thing about design build is that we get to actually build what we design we get to see the amount of detail it takes to have a good design so that later in our designs we might have an insight as to what it takes to be a complete well thought out design and also a realistic one at that. I feel that in most studio designs we think they are realistic and most probably could be but there is another step a large step that takes a design to being realistic that takes it to the point that it could be built and look the same way you designed it because if you don’t take that step in your design then things will inevitably have to change in most cases so in the future I hope we have learned that thinking about the method our design might be built will not just change our design but change it to a better design a more elegant thought out design.

stay tuned for photos

What we have done here is given this hardware system double duty, it serves as the Plexy hardware to the rail yet also within the railing it holds the guardrail to the post and the post to the platform so we get more bang for our buck and a more clean look do to less hardware. Another note is that the hardware doesn't come out on the back side so we only have two visible bolts, washer (rubber and mettle) and spacers coming in threw the plexy into the railing on the outside plain.
One other minor yet powerful detail is the counter sunk rubber and metal washers set into the plexy becoming flush with the plexy our next hope is to find a washer bolt system where the bold sits flush within the washer making the inter face of the plexy all one surface.

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