Be Prepared

This past Friday we were joined by four architects from the Stubbs, Muldrow, Herin Architecture firm of Mt. Pleasant for our construction detail and mock-up review.  We met at last semesters project site, the Corinne Jones Playground, and received lots of great advise on how to further refine the many details of the viewing structure before the rain ran us off.  Once again Studio V produced many stunning models and mock-ups of their design, yet it became obvious that we have strides to make in presenting our work.

Reviews at this point of the semester are so critical to the design-build process.  When given the opportunity to pick the brain of professionals we need to be better prepared to present the work.  These critiques are different than those we began the semester having since the overall design is finalized and many of the conceptual hurdles have been cleared.  The students have all become intimate with the project at this point and know it forwards and backwards, but without a well thought out presentation, precious time is lost conveying that information to those new to the project.  Organizing our thoughts and practicing the delivery saves so much time in the presentation that would be better spent asking questions as opposed to answering them.

Our client Mark Sloan returned from Japan this weekend and we hope to present our recent work to him early this week.  Let’s be sure and seize  another opportunity to hear constructive feedback from our client and continue to make the design we are refining better.

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