Working Out The Details

Lately it has been all about the details, and rightfully so. Studio V has been very busy creating models, studying them, and then remaking them. The outdoor treatment of the window viewing into the gallery space has been very high on the list of priorities. Many versions for a platform that includes signage in order to draw peoples attention have been created. Hopefully, discussions during tomorrows review will help finalize a design for that space.

We have also been creating full scale mock ups to work through all the minute details involving the platform, treads, and railings. Our last minute crunch has been to mock up a detail of the railing attaching to platform and the plexiglass. With several renditions of how the platform could be treated, as well as other connections to the guardrail, handrail, and stairtread, hopefully we can recieve some helpful input from Stubbs, Muldrow, Herrin Architects who will be attending our review tomorrow.

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  1. […] Some of us spend the day cutting the steel plate for the structure that will go outside the window. […]

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