Behind Door No. 1

You know, they say a great setup leads to a great resolution. Well… Studio V, has a great setup. The setup continues up until preparation for final assembly at the Halsey and prior disassembly behind door number 1 at Simons Street. Throughout our setup, we have been detailing the final resolution through the production of mock-ups and delineating how feasibility and aesthetics could affect construction. Also, we are readying ourselves for construction/assembly with equipment checks and tutorials. Each member of Studio V is taking giant strides into the unknown as we all are learning something foreign to us.

As stated earlier setup is a pivotal moment in the design build process, as what happens now dictates the final resolution. For some members of the studio, this may be the only opportunity to participate in the design-build project delivery method. The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice states that the majority of offices use other methods of delivery that does not require our hands to get so dirty. Our hands are getting dirty and will continue to do so until we have successfully completed the project. Good thing we have plenty of GoJo behind door number 1.

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