These Times They Are A Changing

Here are our final boards presented to motoi and mark sloan.

Group design final board

Well guys and girls its final! we are for the most part done with the design fase of our project. We had our presentation friday morning of our newest revition of the design Motoi chose of the three group designs. This review was not like most reviews it was more of an update just to show our clients what changes we made to the chosen design. Unfortunatly Motoi was unable to skype us during our presentation but he was able to look over the boards and seems happy with them.

So now its time for us to change gears and start working on bringing to gather all of the little nuts and bolts of this project to get a product that is completely thought out down to the nuts and bolts. What we will do next is start making full scale mockups to see how things start to work together aesthetically and physically, we will be making construction documents and doing everything we need to in order to start bringing this design into reality. This part is what will be new to all of us students this is where the build part of the project begins, this is what separates this studio from the rest we have taken because this is no longer and idea this will be reality. The fact that it is going to be built means that everything has to be perfect which most of us are not use to it feels like a project is never done but this time it has to be completed to the T. A little side note the structure of our design is steel all welded and bolted together which will have to be so perfect its not even funny and it sounds like Prof Pastre doesn’t have nearly as much experience with welding as will be necessary so this will even be a major learning experience for him as well. Should be fun …… what have we gotten our selves into. By the way leave comments!!! we would love to se what our readers think of what we are doing this semester if you would like to know something we aren’t telling you let us know and we can do a post on it until next time adios and everyone have a great spring break.


    1. Alrighty I think I have fixed it check it out and let me know if its working for you too. Let me know what you think of the boards if you have some questions about them let me know and I’ll see if i can clarify.

  1. Are those glass panels on the rails? If they are indeed glass, It will be interesting to see how y’all get them cut and fit- it seems complicated! Nice looking models too

    1. They are actually acrylic that come in 4′-8′ sheets and our panels are 4′ tall so we only have to cut the ends off but acrylic isn’t to complicated to cut they can even be cut on a table saw but it will definitely be interesting to see how we make it work. It seems to me the most complicated part is all of the steel welding that has to be so precise because we have to build it off site then take it all apart and move it into the gallery and reassemble it in three days so thats going to be tricky it will be up over the summer so y’all should come down and see how it turns out.

  2. Not that I would know, but I imagine that those models are more professional looking than most all professionally created mock-ups. Your time-spent and the accuracy of your work is inspiring. As an onlooker, I am very proud of what I see and read. And in regard to welding…the best teachers continue to learn with their students! Good luck to all of you.

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