Subjective Storage Solutions

The last week I've been focused on looking at solving the storage needs that the Charleston Parks Conservancy has provided to us.  I've been explaining our project as a shaded pavilion in a public park with garden tool storage, but storage and shade seem like the most important components to me. Leslie from the Charleston [...]

Pop Revit

3D model in Revit Elevations of each wall Separately from the Mystery Mockup, but still very much connected to it in the methodology, is the full spectrum of the interior to the Solar Decathlon cabinetry.  While the mockup was altered slightly to test every element of the cabinets that needed to be tested, the full [...]


The studio was once again split up into smaller teams to finish us the semester. A small group of the Crop Stop team went to Greenville to finishing up the build. The remainder of the studio stayed in Charleston, one half doing construction drawings and worked on the mock up, and the other half hashing out [...]

Help Me Help You

As you know our studio is working on finishing up the porch portion of the Crop Stop, as well as getting the cabinetry for the Solar D up and running. In order to complete the Crop Stop a few things are happening, first up in Greenville some extra site excavation is being coordinated in order [...]

The Box Trolls

Some of you may have seen the recent movie 'Box Trolls,'  some of you may not have.  The point is that the trolls of said movie wear and live in boxes; precisely what Studio V is preparing to do this week figuratively speaking (though I am sure once the mock-up begins that could become literal).  [...]

No breaks! Just boxes.

After our return to Charleston from the weekend build on Tuesday evening, there was still much work to be done in the various other aspects of CAC.C student life. Namely, the first major "Introduction to Craft" project was due Wednesday evening. This project involved each individual crafting a box from wood with a lid that [...]

Edges, Dimensions, and Spacing OH MY!

Well, we've gone and done it again, the studio has split in two.  The simultaneous development between the Crop Stop and the Decathlon cabinetry is crucial at this stage, since we are working up to our porch build in Greenville next week, and the Cabinet mock up in  the weeks that follow that. The cabinetry design [...]

Box It Up

Innovation isn't necessarily in being cutting edge in technology or ideas!!! True, that fancy new solar panel or smart wall membrane can have a heavy affect on building performance, but not every project has the budget for high level products.  In our Solar Decathlon cabinets, we have to push the idea of innovation as far [...]

Surprise Field Trip!

Today's studio session was greeted by a prompting from Professor Pastre for a spontaneous field study, which was a welcome idea on such a beautiful day. The purpose of this field trip was to study a very specific set of cabinets that had various similarities to the set that we are trying to formulate for [...]