Charleston Area Conservancy: Program Considerations

There is the argument that programming is a completely different topic than design – and in many ways it is. We had a fabulous discussion on Fridays review about what the conservancy values with high priority and what is not so important. Based upon Mondays class discussion here are some of the programmatic elements that we have deemed as most important:

Building Program:

various storage rooms, bathrooms, reception/ lounge, office and conference room space, classroom/ learning space, covered outdoor event space, flow considerations, amphitheater, informal picnic space

Site Program:

site entrance, parking, connection to sidewalks, connection to surrounding residential communities, expanded garden space, vehicular considerations, water retention strategies, children’s playground,

Expanded Program (for site insight):

nearby parks, nearby trails, retail adjacencies, varying road networks

We hope that by laying all of these considerations down on the table, we can balance all of these program elements into one cohesive design.

Student work by Ryan Bing
Student work by Jeremy Eaton

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