In Full Support

Happy Thursday! We got a lot accomplished on site yesterday including the park side formwork set, bracing to support all formwork, and the rebar bending process began.  The day mainly consist of making sure measurements were precise, the base of the holes were level, and placement of everything was lined up and perfect.

We also had a special delivery…our beams that the deck will be supported by! (Pictured below) The city dropped them off and we got to watch them being unloaded.  They will be set next week, hopefully Monday after the concrete is settled.

In the shop, a few students have been working on the welding of the steel angles that will support the FRP (which was delivered today as well and is pictured below).  I have done lots of research on this material, so I was excited that the studio chose to go with it.  It is ADA compliant and was able to be fabricated to the dimensions needed.

I have also been in charge of ordering and scheduling materials, so we called today, and concrete is set to be poured on Friday! We have exactly one week until our final review, so it is going to get crazy, but we are all excited to see it be completed. Everyone, cross your fingers for good weather and a smooth process the rest of the way!

Until next time…


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