Fully Formed

Things are moving along great at the site as we get ready to pour concrete this morning! We saw some really awesome team work on site yesterday and Wednesday as we set our forms in place and set rebar. Yesterday the focus was rebar and getting it inside of our forms and braced. A few of us worked on tying the rebar while another group worked on bracing our forms so they would be ready for concrete. Towards the end of the afternoon, all of the rebar had been tied and looked great so we all worked together to lift them into the holes. Professor Pastre worked with us to make sure they were braced and in place correctly. With everything in place, we are all extremely excited for our pour which will be happening about an hour from when this post goes live! This was all of our first times working with rebar and it will be our first time seeing concrete poured tomorrow, so there is a lot of excitement on site right now. Stay tuned to take a look at our concrete pour as we get ready for our bridge decking to start going into place!

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