Fully Formed

Things are moving along great at the site as we get ready to pour concrete this morning! We saw some really awesome team work on site yesterday and Wednesday as we set our forms in place and set rebar. Yesterday the focus was rebar and getting it inside of our forms and braced. A few [...]

Redrafting and Revising

After our review on Monday with Cole and John, we've been back at the drawing board finalizing some structural details and connections. It was awesome to be able to talk to both of them about our designs, they gave us some really valuable insight on a lot of things we were a little uncertain on. [...]

Review & Revise

Good morning everyone! Yesterday we had our final design review for the three projects our studio has been working on- Farmfield, Forest Park, and the Magnolia Park Urban Center. We received some really excellent feedback from the people who attended our review. Community members and Charleston Parks Conservancy and City of Charleston staff were kind [...]

Understanding Site

Happy Wednesday! On Monday we received news that our site may be changing, but our two groups are continuing to research each site. My group has been working on a possible program for part of the West Ashley Greenway behind the Charleston Tennis Center. After visiting the site, all six of us noticed different things [...]