Redrafting and Revising

After our review on Monday with Cole and John, we’ve been back at the drawing board finalizing some structural details and connections. It was awesome to be able to talk to both of them about our designs, they gave us some really valuable insight on a lot of things we were a little uncertain on. We’re back in our groups revising our individual designs, and today in studio we’ll come together again today to see where the site and bridge are at as a whole. My group has been focused on handrail design, so we have been looking at how to attach a handrail to our tensegrity feature, and creating connection details for all of the “spokes” in our bridge design. We were originally going to use cable to support our design, but after talking to Cole and John we decided to use steel rod instead so we have been figuring out the best way to create the connection points between the flat bar and the rod. Talking about the structure of design on Monday was really exciting, as everything starts to come together to get us ready for construction. Be sure to stay tuned as everything begins to get finalized as we get closer and closer to our first build day!

Student work by Studio V with structural sketches from zoom call with John Moore and Cole Flodin.

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