Roots + Future Thoughts

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It’s been a productive few days since the review Friday.  I know Henry mentioned in his blog post Monday how we broke down into teams of two and have been really dissecting the site to come up with different schemes of locations for the building(s) and gardens.  I think one thing that [...]

What a Journey!

Let me start by apologizing to all of our blog followers as this post is a day late due to a power outage in Clemson that lasted over two full days.  (As if there wasn’t already enough “abnormal” happening in our daily lives.) Luckily, we regained power over the night! As you all know from [...]

Maps on Maps on Maps

  We are going full force working on our presentation for Friday here in Studio V.  Some of us are working on sifting through countless precedents, some of us are working on researching the history and demographics of the area, and others of us are focusing on the graphics of the presentation.  A huge part [...]