Meetings, Designs, & Exciting Times


IMG_2988This post is a little more challenging as I unfortunately had to miss our second meeting with the clients due to sickness.  However, I was very eager to hear how the meeting went on Wednesday from my classmates.  Overall, I hear it went well which is a good step for us.  (Prior to the meeting on Wednesday, each team visited their sites to observe, and get a better understanding of them.  The image is above is from when the Farmfield team visited.)

From this point, we will be working in teams of six to come up with designs for both sites. After talking to Justin, who was my partner for this past review, he said our team (Farmfield) feels like we have a pretty clear idea of what direction we should take in preparation for this next review.  It is going to be very interesting to see how everyone’s ideas tie into one big cohesive idea for the site.  Up to this point, we have all been on the same track, so I am sure it is going to be great!  I also can say I am excited to see what the other site comes up with for a design, as that site (Coburg) is equally intriguing to me.  It seems as if the two sites require different attention from Farmfield being more of a public gathering space, where Coburg may require something a little more intimate for the community.  Even though these sites are so next to each other on the GreenWay, the attention needed at each is relatively different.

Courtney did let me know that we are meeting with the Water System group on Wednesday at 9am, which should give us some good direction on limitations, etc. for the sites.  Thankfully, I am feeling a little better, and excited to meet back up in studio today to discuss where our teams are going from here. It’s getting exciting for Studio V! Stay tuned…

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