A Lot of Moving Parts

Stone Garden | Coburg Rd.

Architecture is all about meetings.  Meetings drive communication. communication provides feedback, and feedback informs design. Better design is achieved not by a studio or individual in isolation but as an engaged partnership with the community.  This has never held more true than the past few weeks in Architecture + Community Build.


Pocket Parks
Pocket Park Concept | Coburg Rd

From very loose and conceptual site planning and marker perspectives to precedent study and presentation, A+CB studio is gaining a fundamental understanding of the West Ashley Greenway, its history and the people it serves. So far we have received excellent feedback from organizations like West Ashley United, The Charleston Parks Conservancy, and Charleston’s Parks Department as well as long time neighborhood organizers like Donna Jacobs of Byrnes Downs.  These people are not only the users of this space but also the people responsible for fulfilling its greater vision.

Tennis Center Park Concept | Farmfield Dr

Today concludes our second conceptual presentation to the Charleston Parks Conservancy regarding the future development of the West Ashley Greenway.  We have talked to so many individuals from the local government, to parks personnel and sought feedback from local neighborhood organizers and end-users of the greenway.  We are seeing just how instrumental everyone else’s role is in the early stages of concept development and just how crucial the community is to see a project realized.

Train Stop Shaded Seating | Farmfield Dr

We look forward to more meetings this Friday to hone our concepts for each site and better develop a design strategy worthy of the West Ashley Community. Until then, have your people call my people…

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