Concept Design Meeting today!

Good Morning everyone!

Today is a big day for the Studio V crew. We have been pouring over concept designs for a week and have selected sites, determined a program we would like to target, and are going to present today. Keep in mind these are concepts, so we are still studying the site and having conversations with our clients to create something really special on the West Ashley Greenway.

As you read from Ryan’s post earlier last week, we selected a site in between coburg and timmerman, and a site behind the farmfield tennis center. Our team of 6 have really come up with some interesting approaches that we hope the clients enjoy today. We have been working hard on our concepts so let’s have a peek at the Farmfield concepts!

Ryan and Steve’s concept

Ryan and Steve focused on framing the intersection, offering shade separating users from the main greenway traffic, and they were inspired by the history of the railroad stop that once dwelled here.

Will and Henry’s concept

Will and I (Henry) focused on creating an amphitheater that could be a location to come and see a small performance, but while not in use, could serve as a play structure for children to exercise and be protected from the street.

Claire and Justin’s concept

Claire and Justin consider safe wayfinding strategies and play active sites.  These are just a few of the concepts that we are considering. We plan to provide a full update after our meeting so you will have to check back tomorrow to see what the clients said! Overall this has been a fantastic swirl of creative drawings and concepts from the entire studio. We are so excited to hear what the clients have to say and can not wait to get started on the next step in the design.

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