Tensions Run High as Designs Fly

Markers out. Ideas flying left and right. The sound of crumpling trace paper all over studio. Meetings, well debates, on designs in every room. It’s a fun time. The moments we live for. It seems to be the time we tend to learn the most. Expand our creative muscles, understand our limitations and the realities of construction and material. Although, along with the fun comes the stress. But it’s the good stress. Idea vs. Idea. There’s a fine line that needs to be understood. It’s important to defend your idea, but also understand its flaws. No design is perfect, but no design is necessarily wrong. It’s about sharing ideas to get the strongest idea. The only bad idea is the one not shared with others.

As our next meeting rapidly approaches, we must narrow down our ideas. We have to present our solutions to the issues in a concise, clear way. But with this concise version, we must cut back on some designs and lock in to the few. This is probably the hardest part of this initial process. Trying to get the best ideas front and center. It makes for some enjoyable discussions. (Difficult to note sarcasm with text). But with these discussions, we get to know each other a little better, and hopefully as we progress, we will grow together as well.

Time will tell. So far there has been a very positive attitude within our studio. It’s an exciting project and it’s motivating to know that the community is engaged with the site and our design will ultimately have a large impact within the community and the surrounding areas. We hope to provide a product that will exceed any expectation.

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