Bitter Sweet Ending

I guess it is really here. The end of a very unique semester. As my classmate DJ has written, it has been a very odd ride. We envisioned our time in Charleston a bit different. Granted, I think a lot of people envisioned 2020 to be a little different. Either way we are blessed to [...]

The Great Unknown

Strange times to say the least. In life we usually have an answer, or at least have someone with the answer we are looking for. Today we find ourselves without many answers.  We find ourselves thinking of many things that we never thought of in the past. We find ourselves feeling oddly, human. This virus [...]

Build, Build, Build!

Friday is on the way. We're all feeling it. A mix of excitement, stress, joy and nerves. A world of emotions all mixed into one studio. There really is no better feeling then locking into an idea. Bringing a design to life. From sections, to site plans, to the challenge of modeling, it's all part [...]

Tensions Run High as Designs Fly

Markers out. Ideas flying left and right. The sound of crumpling trace paper all over studio. Meetings, well debates, on designs in every room. It’s a fun time. The moments we live for. It seems to be the time we tend to learn the most. Expand our creative muscles, understand our limitations and the realities [...]

What’s this all about?

Our studio has gotten a good idea of the standard that we are going to be held to. As mentioned in previous posts, we have researched and provided maintenance to many past projects. Now as we look forward to this semesters challenge we need to understand the context. Context and background information are key to [...]