The Great Unknown

Strange times to say the least. In life we usually have an answer, or at least have someone with the answer we are looking for. Today we find ourselves without many answers.  We find ourselves thinking of many things that we never thought of in the past. We find ourselves feeling oddly, human. This virus seems to be the great equalizer. An eye opening experience. I look outside my window and see a lot of home improvement happening. A lot of families together in their yard. And many posts on social media reminding us that at the end of the day, we are all the same. We find ourselves in the same situation. Coping with the crisis at hand and making the best of it. This has led us to an opportunity to create solutions.

We had a very successful online meeting. It will take time to adapt to the new format, but it felt comfortable today to say the least. In these times its important to pull together as a society and help in any way we can. Moving forward we look to uphold our commitments with our local partners and see our projects through to the end, whenever that may be. We also are looking to apply our skills in the best ways possible during this tough time. We met with a few individuals from MUSC and had very good discussion on opportunities we see. We will continue these discussions and see where we should focus to have the most effective impact on the crisis. We hope all of our partners understand and trust that we are continuing to work hard in Studio V.

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