Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

During times of social distancing, working from home, and going crazy from both of these things, Studio V has been hard at work on project COVID in partnership with MUSC. We have been speaking with professionals in the field that have been lending their expertise to get us up to speed rapidly so we may help in any way we can. Turns out, there was a need for a document that examined the current drive through testing facility to help share ideas with the rest of the state / country.  We began examining the site and documenting what MUSC has done to create the testing facility. While working with medical professionals, security personnel, graphic artists, and architects the studio created a document that explains how the site was laid out and how the day to day operations are carried out.  Our hopes are that this document will reach other hospitals and generate collaboration between hospitals to form the most safe process in order to combat the virus.  While this document is going through final edits we are working on a volume 2 that touches on areas like, how to pick a site, determining how to serve the community, and giving diagrammatic models that give examples of potential drive through and walk-up testing models.  While this project has just begun, we have approached it with great rigor and are planning to release the second volume of the document at the end of the semester that will accompany the first segment to other hospitals and communities. We are still here, working with the community, and trying to help in any way we can. Ways that you can help is by staying home to help flatten the curve and follow these steps to stay healthy.

Be safe, enjoy your time at home, and WASH YOUR HANDS. (signoff credit to Jeremy)

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