What a Journey!

Let me start by apologizing to all of our blog followers as this post is a day late due to a power outage in Clemson that lasted over two full days.  (As if there wasn’t already enough “abnormal” happening in our daily lives.) Luckily, we regained power over the night!

As you all know from the previous blog post, we have been working on drive-thru and walk-up testing sites for COVID-19. We planned to meet with MUSC and a few others that we’ve been working with to propose some of the ideas that Henry mentioned in the last blog.  Due to the power outages, that meeting got moved to today.  As I feel I have been a little out of the loop the past couple of days due to unfortunate limited communication with my studio, I had a chance to look over the Pinterest boards, and it’s evident that everyone has been working hard to come up with a fantastic presentation for today’s meeting!

The graduate students in our studio are part of a book club who meets once or twice a month.  Last Wednesday, Dan Harding, the director of Clemson Architecture Graduate School, got to join in.  We talked about the book we read, Let My People Go Surfing.  It’s a wonderful book about the company Patagonia. During the conversation, it was brought up that even though this semester didn’t go quite like we originally planned on by building along the Greenway, we are still working on helping others and working with the community on a need that they have at the moment.  I believe this has been a wonderful example of what an architect should be.  Flexible from project to project, knowledgeable in many areas, enthusiastic about all projects you’re working on, and problem solvers who can overcome any obstacle whether in a project or that life may throw your way. I’m very proud of my studio and thankful for everyone who has been involved in this journey along the way! Excited to keep pushing forward!

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