Build, Build, Build!

Friday is on the way. We’re all feeling it. A mix of excitement, stress, joy and nerves. A world of emotions all mixed into one studio. There really is no better feeling then locking into an idea. Bringing a design to life. From sections, to site plans, to the challenge of modeling, it’s all part of the fun. We all are very excited to show our ideas on Friday.

DJ admiring a smooth Board

DJ and I had a fun time in the woodshop preparing some bases for the models our teams are constructing. Nothing really beats the feeling of a perfectly milled piece object. It’s always fun being able to create things. The digital world is a fun place, but there’s nothing that can beat the shop. It was definitely a busy studio today. A lot of hours were clocked in, and I have a feeling we still have a few long nights ahead of us. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Fingers Crossed!

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