Final Design meeting today!

Hello Again!

We have been powering through this week for today. We are going to present our “final” designs today to the client.  As you know, the studio has been designing and diagramming and preparing for the last few weeks on these designs to really address our clients needs. We do not want to give anything away just yet to keep the surprise for the meeting but there is a common theme that we can talk about here that are being addressed in the designs.

Signage and recognition for both sites are crucial. People need to know where they are and what is around them while they are on the greenway.  Something we noticed while biking  was we lost sense of what was a block off of the greenway as we progressed through the path. So we as a studio came up with designs that help create a noticeable trailhead or locator along the path to create a meeting spot but also clue users of the greenway into the happenings that are going on.


Studio V has been hard at work pushing through multiple iterations of drawings, models, and diagrams. We love to create and through the iterative process we think we have designed projects that will really speak to the neighborhoods they will serve in the future.

Ryan Bing is in full construction mode on the farmfield boards

On a side note….

We had the opportunity to join our good friend Dan Harding last night for an event that unveiled a design that 3 of our very own students have aided in the design! Mohammed, Jermey, and I along with other graduate assistants helped to design the Cultural Megaphone that works in partnership with Rhondda Thomas’ work. Please enjoy pictures from last nights’ event!


Dan Harding shows how to use the steel zip tie in Clemson’s patented Sim[Ply] system
The “wall” team begins to apply the exterior sheathing to the studs
Mohammed presents a poem through a megaphone.


Perspective through the megaphone

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