“It’s Fast”

One thing that I am frequently asked by my family and friends back home and in Clemson is, “How’s Charleston?” And my number one answer to give them is that it’s fast. Now when I say that, I’m usually talking about the everyday pace and how quickly I would spend money. But now I realized that’s not the only things that have been moving fast. Time is Flying as well! Seems just like yesterday we were all working to enhance past projects and now we’re coming up on the most important review in some of our collegiate career.

It’s around that time of the year again where you see those bags under the eyes in the morning and more people are staying late after hours to produce greatness. Tensions are everywhere, student’s minds are everywhere, and hair is everywhere (not that anyone has pulled theirs out; I don’t think). But, it’s these long days/nights that great Architects are made. These types of days test your limits. They test your mental compacity. They test your WILL to be great at what you do. It’s HARD, but its Fair. It takes time and effort to produce some of the things that we have. But it’s getting done!

With that being said, the design process is going great! The teams are working together fluently and effectively. The designs that I have seen being produced by both groups are amazing! And I am just honored to be apart of Studio V. Couldn’t have made a better choice if I say so myself. Being able to be apart of every step from site evaluation to design process to building the design is a great experience. And I believe that I can speak for everyone when I say that we are very excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on so far. I just wish life was like a DVD player sometimes, so I could rewind to the beginning and hit the slow-motion button so it wouldn’t go so fast!

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