Wild Ride

While trying to write this blog post, halfway through my first draft of what I was going to say, I realized what today is. Yes, of course its Friday, but its just not just any ordinary Friday for us here at Studio V. This is the last Friday before finals week, which means for the [...]

Switching Gears

Hopefully the news that I am about to bestow on you all today doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As the pandemic that is upon us worsens, Clemson as well as many other institutions are taking quite a bit of precautionary measures. One of which is online classes for the remainder of the semester. [...]

“It’s Fast”

One thing that I am frequently asked by my family and friends back home and in Clemson is, “How’s Charleston?” And my number one answer to give them is that it’s fast. Now when I say that, I’m usually talking about the everyday pace and how quickly I would spend money. But now I realized [...]

Dissections are fun too!

After a lot of careful consideration, the groups have been decided. As you may already know, our class of 12 was split into two separate groups of six each. These groups consist of three graduate level students and three undergraduate level students.  Also, each group was given a site along the greenway either being the tennis [...]

Lets Begin…. With Relationships?

As some of you may know, Studio V has been working on many of the past projects that needed a little of attention. Well, that’s all over now and it’s time to get started on what we came here to do! On Wednesday January 22nd, my fellow colleagues and I went out and met on [...]