Dissections are fun too!

After a lot of careful consideration, the groups have been decided. As you may already know, our class of 12 was split into two separate groups of six each. These groups consist of three graduate level students and three undergraduate level students.  Also, each group was given a site along the greenway either being the tennis center on Farm Field Road or the square at which Timmerman Drive and Coburg Road meets the greenway. But, more on that was explained earlier by some of my fellow colleagues. I just felt the need to fill the viewer in just in case they’re just beginning to tag along. 

A long week is finally coming to an end, but not quite yet as we would soon find out. During the beginning of class Professor Pastre seemed very excited. Maybe too excited because of the news that he had yet to tell us. MORE GROUPS?! Not exactly what we thought we would be hearing walking into class on a Friday evening, but it is what it is. And, we actually didn’t get more groups either. Out of those two groups that I identified earlier; each group was divided even more into three groups of two. From my understanding these groups was based on the similarity of ideas or because one idea could heavily influence the next eventually coming up with one great idea.  

Last Men Standing

So, as I return to the studio on Sunday with my thinking cap on, I was relieved to find out I wasn’t the only one. Almost the whole gang was there getting things ready for Monday. And I honestly hate the fact that I didn’t get a picture when I first walked in, even though the man… the Myth… THE LEGEND… Mohammad, told me it would be a great photo. My thinking cap had been on all day and I was ready to work. So, I got what I could. Even Will turned off Netflix and proceeds to pick up a marker to look busy just for the right shot! Thanks Buddy! Ready to see what’s in store for Studio V this week.  

Will Poynor

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