Wild Ride

While trying to write this blog post, halfway through my first draft of what I was going to say, I realized what today is. Yes, of course its Friday, but its just not just any ordinary Friday for us here at Studio V. This is the last Friday before finals week, which means for the some of us the end of the road here in Charleston. This semester was a ride that I feel like I can speak for everyone when I say was a wild one. Thinking back on it, a ride in which nobody could have every guested would end like this. I often tell people that if there was a game show and they had a question asking, “How would 2020 be towards the end of college semesters,” the answer “Pandemic” would be the least chose. Also, seems like no matter the situation David always finds the brighter side to the end goal. Even though with a few of us undergraduate leaving to continue our studies at Clemson, I feel as if we are all still very grateful for the times we had to spend with great people.


Overall, the year always had its ups and downs, as any other academic year I have had in my collegiate career. But none can come close to comparing what this semester had in store for me. Like stated previously David had everything under control and helping these professionals in their time of need was critical. In my mind, I noticed that in times like these the “Essential Workers” are the ones who need the most help of them all. But some people kind of overlook that without even realizing. So many different things go on behind the scenes that the normal patient cannot even see. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes can also cause more headache than the things going on right before your eyes. Even though our help may be small and not seen by the media or even by the common person. I promise that our work will not go unknown. We will be that class from Studio V that made a difference. A difference that not only impacted a part of a community in Charleston, but a impact that could possibly affect the world one day and we will not even notice.

Again, I thank David and my colleagues for one of the most memorable semesters to date. This will be one of those stories that we go and tell someone years from now about and they may not even believe that it happened. But guess what? It did. And I am proud to even say that I was apart of it. Never what I expected study abroad to be, but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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