What Do I Do With My Hands?

Hello from all of our faces! Or pictures of them at least. As you have been following along with this Studio V blog, I’m sure you’ve been following the news closer. All over social media, we have seen some really great things to help stop the spread of Corona virus. Primarily, we have been told what to do or not do with our hands. Wash them, wipe them, don’t touch our face or commonly touched smooth surfaces, don’t shake them, and so on. All of these practices are excellent advice that we should all heed during these times.

Something that many people, including Studio V, is struggling with is now what do we do with these extremely sanitized hands. This time in all studios past, our hands would be dirty, caliced, and blistered from constructing and installing our designs that we would have worked on all semester. As you know, that course has changed direction for this particular studio. We have often felt the feeling of “well what do we do now?” in all of our coursework.

Thankfully, the saying “many hands make light work” is quite true. My classmates have done a fabulous job both collaborating with emergency professionals and working as a studio to assist the multiple emergency testing facilities the past few weeks. Communication among the studio and with our collaborators is limited to zoom meetings, but that challenge hasn’t stopped us yet. The many hands that are working on this project are swift, talented, and most importantly, clean! I would encourage all following this blog to not get discouraged by the lack of visible product, as there simply isn’t any yet. What there is instead is a long process of very hard work that will hopefully pay dividends for the emergency medical field for years to come, and with that we find a lot of encouragement. We hope you do as well.

If you are wondering what you can do with your hands, wash them! Then use them to help or encourage somebody the best way you know how.

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