What Do I Do With My Hands?

Hello from all of our faces! Or pictures of them at least. As you have been following along with this Studio V blog, I'm sure you've been following the news closer. All over social media, we have seen some really great things to help stop the spread of Corona virus. Primarily, we have been told [...]


Welcome back readers! As we are getting closer and closer to spring break, we are getting more and more excited as I'm sure y'all are too. The studio is wrapping up concepts and moving forward towards a final design proposal for both the Coburg and Farmfield Road sites. This process has been a series of [...]

Saddle Up

Well, here we go. It's time to lace up our boot straps and try to hold on for a wild ride that is going to take us into May. It is finally the point in time where we put the pen to paper and start trying to find a solution to our respective sites along [...]

A Friday in the Park

If you've been following along as the semester kicks off, you will know that we have spent the first week or so repairing the previous semester's projects. This process has given us many opportunities including seeing the past projects, learning more about our classmates, and putting our problem solving skills to the test. We encountered [...]