Welcome back readers! As we are getting closer and closer to spring break, we are getting more and more excited as I’m sure y’all are too. The studio is wrapping up concepts and moving forward towards a final design proposal for both the Coburg and Farmfield Road sites.

This process has been a series of iteration after iteration along a particular theme that fits with what is required for each design. There have been countless sketches and conversations that have guided us along a crazy path towards the best solutions in multiple areas.

Some challenges that the studio is facing include the fast pace that we are obtaining important site information such as the location of underground utilities. Setbacks and right of ways are also encroaching upon some of the limited space that we have. Maintaining visibility with whatever structure or planting we propose is also of the upmost importance. On the note of planting, there is an interesting dynamic between both sites. The Farmfield site is looking to take advantage of the planting that is currently on site and use it as shade. On the contrary, the Coburg group’s site has a lot of overgrown vegetation that the group is looking at proposing the removal of.

DJ trying to figure out how he is going to get into the brush.

The biggest challenge is creating something that can be relocated in order to allow Charleston Water to service the underground pipes that follow the Greenway. This is achievable, but it provides a fun and different challenge that not many of us are used to. We are exploring putting our structure on wheels, skids, frames with plates, small foundations, or large heavy blocks that sit on the surface of the ground that can be moved accordingly. Working as a team gives our studio a unique opportunity to break up and explore different iterations and solutions of a design and we are excited to show them to you soon!

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