What’s this all about?

Our studio has gotten a good idea of the standard that we are going to be held to. As mentioned in previous posts, we have researched and provided maintenance to many past projects. Now as we look forward to this semesters challenge we need to understand the context. Context and background information are key to a successful project. We will be working with the Charleston Parks Conservancy on the West Ashley Greenway. The Conservancy has been kind enough to provide a report done by a third party to analyze the West Ashley Greenway and Bikeway. With this report we will have a much deeper understanding of what the community would like and needs. There are various challenges that we will face, from hazardous intersections to various amenities needed. We hope that we can develop ideas that could not only solve the issues at hand, but further enhance the users experience on the West Ashley Greenway.

In the coming weeks we will locate points of interest along the greenway as well as opportunities we see. We will develope ideas and designs that we will hopefully bring to life during the semester. We know we have big shoes to fill, but our group is confident and ready.

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