The Ribbon is Cut

Today we "unveiled" Frierson's outdoor learning pavilion. Our colleagues from last year who designed the pavilion were able to come down and join us for the ribbon cutting event as well as the majority of the school. It was nice to meet everyone who was part of the process or who have seen the progress [...]

Engaging the Community

Today we shared our final-ish design for our Singleton Park Pavilion. We worked hard to get everything up on the boards and deliver the project's intent to the best of our abilities today and overall we all saw it as a success. We enjoyed hearing different points of view on the project from the education [...]

On the Boards..

This week we started on our design process for Singleton Park's garden! We were all excited to get into the weeds of it, and we had our first meetings with Prof. Pastre today on our work so far. We all were randomly assigned different "Site Approaches" which delineated generally where the main gathering space and [...]

A Day Worth Framing

Following a rainy, cold Sunday, the sun peeking over clouds was most welcome at the Frierson project site. Having previously finished painting and oat of the exterior wall panel configurations, my fellow students and I split into two groups to tackle the next task at hand: framing interior partition walls. Having aptly prepared all of [...]

Are we going Green?

Hello gang, Since we have finished schematic reviews, it’s time to get down to nuts and bolts, almost. We have to carve everything down to one cohesive design, using the feedback from CPC and the City representatives, and one hinge point is really apparent. The decision overshadowing the whole conversation - are we using a [...]

A Lot of Moving Parts

Stone Garden | Coburg Rd. Architecture is all about meetings.  Meetings drive communication. communication provides feedback, and feedback informs design. Better design is achieved not by a studio or individual in isolation but as an engaged partnership with the community.  This has never held more true than the past few weeks in Architecture + Community [...]

Loose Ends

We're back from Spring Break with a lot to do before we start building. Last Friday, we realized that we still had a lot of loose ends with our design and our drawings. We decided to stay after studio to finalize our design and understand what we had to do over Spring Break. We developed [...]

Final Bolts and Knots

Wednesday, our studio headed upstate to Clemson and Greenville for both Solar Decathlon and Crop Stop Review. While a crew of people working on putting cabinetry for Solar Decathlon together, we had a “skeleton” crew go to Greenville doing the final touch on Crop Stop Kitchen porch. The biggest lesson or experience we learned from [...]