A Day Worth Framing

Following a rainy, cold Sunday, the sun peeking over clouds was most welcome at the Frierson project site. Having previously finished painting and oat of the exterior wall panel configurations, my fellow students and I split into two groups to tackle the next task at hand: framing interior partition walls.

John works on cutting out a segment of the headboard to allow for a snug slot that the interior partition wall can slide into.

Having aptly prepared all of the studs and bottom/top plates by cutting them to size, we were able to jump right on assembly. As much as fun as screwing in studs can be, we quickly realized that there would be a significant amount of forethought and tweaking to fit all of the interior partition walls into the space in correct sequence. Cut to an hour later, John and I had finally finished cutting out half a dozen notches using a multi-tool while Kevin and Andre finished up adjusting some dimensions of the stud wall to account for the thicknesses of plywood and polycarbonate sheet finishes.

Here I am caught in the painstaking process of cutting out notches with the hand-numbly vibe-y multitool.

To finish out the work day, Divya, Olivia, William and Jon screwed on the last door panel via hinges that they tediously labored to keep level. Another successful day at Frierson!

Divya, William, Jon, Olivia and Andre pose in front of their “side” of the Frierson pavilion.
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